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Hatch Chile Roasting 2016

hatch chile map of the US

I don’t know about you, but I’m super excited for this years crop… as I always am.  No shocker there.

Check out these baby Hatch Chile plants…aren’t they cute?!

Whatever though!  I’m on the hunt for grocery stores, restaurants, and/or back yard parties roasting chiles this year.  To help you out, I created a map of the US and am trying to list all of the Hatch Chile Roasting 2016 dates and locations around the country.  If you know on one (or more), please leave the Location, Address, and Dates in the comments below.

Click here for the map and make sure to check and see if/when the page has been updated.  I left last years dates up so you could get your ass on the phone and call your local store to  make sure they are roasting again this year.  BOOM!

hatch chile map of the US

Can’t wait to see what you cook up this year.

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