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Hatch Chile Roasters

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These Facts about Hatch Chile Roasters Will Amaze You!

If the smell of the chile makes you feel terrible, it will no longer be the case with the Hatch Chile Roaster event! The Hatch Chile Festival is nearing and there will be Chile time everywhere. A road trip to New Mexico will lead you to the chile journey. The roasted chiles are just lovable and delicious for anyone to get tempted.
This is the season to grab as much as you can and enjoy the flavors. Soon enough the seasonal Hatch Chile Festival will be gone by September. One of the major benefits of roasting chile is that it is free for a case order! Many people also call it as the Chile Barbeque Time.
Below are a few details to remember before you pack your bags for this fun and spicy event:

Professional Hatch Chile Roaster:

  • 200,000 btus
  • Capacity ranges from 25lbs – 50lbs
  • Average Barrel size 16″x24″
  • Pricing from $250-$1000
  • View Options Here

When, Where and Why:

The Saturday on August 31st and the Sunday of September 1st, are the two days to be remembered. This year, New Mexico will be spending 42nd Annual Hatch Chile Festival and why not? Perhaps, it is the Chile capital of the world! There is a range of brands that sell the Hatch Chiles as well as the Hatch Chile Powder. These hatch chiles are super good in their texture and quality to an extent that they can be frozen for up to a year after the Hatching process.


After years of research at the University of New Mexico, Dr. Fabian Garcia led to the discovery of a fertile Hatch Valley. These were tempered by cool nights and led to one of the major dens for Hatch Chiles. This discovery raised huge demand on these versatile, flavored and hotheaded chiles. Soon enough, the demand hit the global markets.

How to Roast Hatch Chiles at Home:

• You need to find a charcoal or gas and preheat it.
• Place the chiles on the grill plate.
• You may also roast these chiles one at a time by holding them over an open flame on a gas stove and twist these chiles if one side is done.
• Use a blowtorch or a similar tool to char the skin.
• You may also need to attach a grill basket to your motorized rotisserie split and tumble the chiles to over heat until they are blistered.
• Before you begin the roasting process, ensure that they are cooled down completely.

How to Roast Hatch Chiles at Home – Read Here

There are various techniques and ways to Hatch Chiles. You may learn a few from the web or pack your bags to grab fresh jars of these from New Mexico.

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