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Few People Know The Real Reason Behind Hatch, New Mexico Becoming The Green Chile Capital Of The World

chile pepper capital of the us

If you live in New Mexico or have visited, you know that chiles are a big deal throughout the state. If you’ve ever been to the town of Hatch, it’s considered the “Chile Capital of the World.” Known for its heat and unique flavor, the Hatch green chile is famous worldwide!

Welcome to Hatch, New Mexico, the chile capital of the world! You may be wondering, though, how Hatch became the world’s chile capital.

Chile peppers have been cultivated in New Mexico for hundreds of year. It started when members of the Puebloan tribe started to grow chile peppers after Spanish settlers brought seeds to the area in the 16th century.

Hatch is a town with mineral-rich soil and a warm climate that is ideal for a long growing season. With its unique flavor and heat, the Hatch chile grew in popularity over the centuries into what it is today.

You can barely mention the town Hatch without thinking of the chiles that grow there. The peppers are even celebrated each year during the harvest at the annual Hatch Chile Festival. Held in September, this is a must-visit festival for anyone who has appreciation for chiles.

Of course, you can find Hatch chiles just about everywhere in New Mexico. From grocery stores to farmers’ markets and restaurants, they are a staple here.

Hatch Chile roast in Alabama

When in town, stop by the Valley Cafe for a green chile cheeseburger. Known for having some of the best green chile cheeseburgers in New Mexico, it’s definitely worth a drive to Hatch just to try one!

Aside from burgers, this restaurant serves a variety of Mexican and American cuisine. If you happen to order a burrito, you can get it smothered in red or green chile sauce — or order it with both like I do. It’s so good!

green chile cheeseburger

Did you know that Hatch, New Mexico is the “Chile Capital of the World?” Have you ever had a green chile cheeseburger? If so, where is your favorite place to get one? Let us know!

Are you planning on visiting, Hatch, NM anytime soon? I think you should! If you need accommodations during your visit, check out the historic Casita at St. Francis de Sales Church on Vrbo. It will certainly be a memorable experience to stay there!


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