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22 Drool-Worthy Hatch Chile Recipes


Hatch Chile season comes but once per year (sheds a tear) so I have to take full advantage of the time I have when chiles are in season.  Now, you’re probably thinking, “don’t you buy a case, roast them, and freeze them like the rest of us?!”  Well… yes I do.  But, for some reason eating chiles between Aug-Sept is just more fun.  #DontJudge

Anyways, I’ve been so inspired by all the hatch chile dishes I’ve seen this season, it’s only fitting to collect them into one place and share them with the world.  You know?!  So, here are my top 22 favorite Hatch Chile Recipes (From Breakfast to Dessert) for this year.

Hatch Chile Breakfast Recipes:

Roasted Green Chile Chilaquilesgreen chile chilaguiles

Hatch Green Chile and Tomato Egg Casserolegreen chile tomato casserole

Hatch Chile Hash Brown Eggs Benedicthatch chile eggs benedict

Gluten-Free Hatch Chile RellenosHatch+Chiles+Rellenos

Hatch Chile Sides/Appetizers:

Baby Dutch Yellow Potatoes with Roasted Hatch Chile Vinaigrettehatch chile potatoes

Hatch Green Chile Cheddar Cornbreadhatch chile corn bread

Hatch Chile Ice Cubeshatch chile ice cubes

Deviled EggsHatch Deviled Eggs

Hatch Chile Lunch Recipes:

Slow Cooker Hatch Chile Salsa Chickensalsa chicken

Hatch Chile Bacon Grilled Cheesehatch chile bacon grilled cheese

Smoked Hatch Mac and CheeseSmoked-Mac-and-Cheese-1-1024x768

Hatch Chile Empanadashatch-chili-empanada-12

Green Chile Cheese Stuffed Chicken Breastcheese-stuffed-chicken-breast-5

Hatch Chile Dinner Recipes:

One-Pot Southwestern Meal PrepHatchChile_SteakandBeans

Pork ChiliPork-Chili-Roasted-Hatch-Peppers-Recipe4

Smoky Hatch Chile Corn Chowdersmoky-hatch-chile-corn-chowder-2079-0818

Instant Pot Rice and BeansBeans-and-Rice-Dip-or-Burrito-Filling-made-in-Instant-Pot

Hatch Chile Verge with Chickenchicken_hatch_chile_tomatillo3_680

Hatch Chile Dessert Recipes:

Easy Hatch Chocolate Chip CookiesHatch Chile Chocolate Chip Cookies

Hatch Chile Smoreshatch chile smores

Hatch Chile Jellyhatch chile jellyHatch Chile Apple Piehatch chile apple pie


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