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Hatch Chile Crop Update: May

I know this has been a crazy couple months, but hopefully, the thought of hatch chiles coming soon is enough to brighten your day!  =)

Here is the first crop report of 2020:

  • Weather: Mid-90s during the day and Low-60s at night which is great weather for these peppers
  • Seeds have been in the ground since April and the plants are looking great
  • Labor is hard to find, but we still have some time

UPDATE on Hatch Chile Roasting…
With everything going on with COVID, I am hearing that a lot of stores will not be roasting Hatch Chiles this year.  I’m really hoping this changes.

Stay tuned for another update in a few weeks.  If you have any questions or comments, please comment below!

5 thoughts on “Hatch Chile Crop Update: May”

  1. Michael L Shilko Jr.

    You.guys should remove comment from previous year or reorder them, so the most recent are at the top, especially the state comments. If you want to keep them, hide them under a link to previous year comments. It would make the comments much easier to read relevant info for the current year without having to look at dates and scroll to the bottom for most recents.

  2. I have been getting hatch green chiles roasted in southern ca. for quite a few years now, i always get the very hot and i get 50lbs worth. I would like to know whats going on with the crop this year, and if they will be coming to ca? i am sorry to hear that the festival isn’t on this year i have wanted to attend it for a few years now. hope all the farmers and crops are ok. everybody stay safe.

  3. I am in Richmond, VA and am down to my last gallon bag of chile. I am starting to panic there will be no roasting in my area. Please someone send some good news. I usually buy a couple of bushels. Not sure how to get through a year without them.

  4. I don’t understand the correlation between Covid and roasting? So, the grocery stores may or may not have chile (if they can get crops harvested) but roasting is considered an issue with social distancing? 🙄
    I’m in NC and checking in to see if anywhere even remotely near me will have chile this year? Any guesses? Otherwise I’m driving home for “Big Jims” and I know your mayor isn’t going to like that, ha!!

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