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Top 6 Hatch Chile Cookbooks You Can Buy Online

Arguably one of the best chiles you can find in the world, the Hatch chile, which is native to the Hatch Valley in New Mexico brings out flavor and taste unlike no other. There’s no wonder why many are looking for Hatch chile cookbooks where they can find recipes and ideas. From appetizers to snacks, breakfast, lunch or dinner, you will be surprised how there are countless recipes using this delectable ingredient. If you’re looking for great recipes, here are Hatch chile books you can purchase conveniently online.

1. Melissa’s Hatch Chile Cookbook

melissa's hatch chile cookbook

Probably one of the prettiest-looking Hatch chile cookbooks you can find with its all-green cover, you’d think that Melissa’s Hatch Chile Cookbook is written by a “Melissa” because of its name. It came from the famous website though where various healthy and natural recipes are shared. The book is a collection of over 150 recipes from all over the world written by Sharon Hernandez and Chef Ida Rodriguez. ($24.99 from Amazon)

2. The Hatch Chile Cookbook

The Hatch Chile Cookbook

Its title alone gives us enough reason to include The Hatch Chile Cookbook in this Hatch chile cookbooks top list. Spiral bound, which makes it easy to use when in the kitchen; The Hatch Chile Cookbook has a collection of authentic Mexican recipes that will surely delight your taste buds! ($19.95 from Amazon)

3. Green Chile Bible

Green Chile Bible book

Definitely a must-have if you love chile, The Green Chile Bible is one of the few Hatch chile cookbooks that contains award-winning New Mexico recipes. Especially if you prefer green chile over red, this is the cookbook you should get. A Red Chile Bible is available too, and it’s coming up next. ($11.00 from Amazon)

4. Red Chile Bible

Red Chile Bible book

If you’re getting the Green Chile Bible, then most definitely you should also have the Red Chile Bible. This one has a collection of healthier recipes in its series of Hatch chile cookbooks with a variety of Southwest Classic and Gourmet dishes. ($11.57 from Amazon)

5. Best of the Best from New Mexico Cookbook

This one’s a classic. Best of the Best from New Mexico Cookbook is not only one of the best Hatch chile cookbooks, but it also compiles other specialties such as beans; enchiladas and a whole lot more. You will definitely have the time of your life as you breathe in the delicious aroma of Hatch chile and have a taste of its flavor. ($14.12 from Amazon)

Best cookbook from New Mexico

6. Red or Green: New Mexico Cuisine

Written by Clyde Cassey, Red or Green gathers various recipes of New Mexico Cuisine. Absolutely a must have when you’re looking for collections of Hatch chile cookbooks, you’d find not only the best-tasting but the best-looking dishes as well. Red or Green was the winner of the 2008 New Mexico Book Award for Best Cookbook. ($11.16 from Amazon)

red or green new mexico cuisine

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