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2022 Hatch Chile Crop Update – June

hatch chile growing in the valley

Hatch chiles are only 2 months away from harvest!

• The 2022 Chile crop looks good so far.
• The transplants are just starting to bloom, we will keep our fingers crossed that the higher temperatures will let them stick.
• The first planting of seeded Chile is just starting to bud and is enjoying the heat units and will be pushing the transplants come harvest time.
• This year’s growing season has been extremely dry which is good to get the Chile off to a good start.

When to pick Hatch Peppers

Hatch chilies are harvested between early-August and late-September. Some varieties could start a little earlier or go a little later… Late harvest chile peppers could ripen to the point where the color has turned from green to red.

When will Hatch Chiles be in stores

If the weather doesn’t give us any harvest issues, Hatch Chiles will be in stores early-August.

Where you can buy Hatch Chiles

Hatch Chiles will be available online and in-store starting in August. Locate hatch chile pepper roasting locations near you, by visiting our Hatch Chile finder page HERE

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