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Grilled Smashed Potatoes with Hatch Green Chile Guacamole

floating kitchen hatch chile recipe

Smashed Potatoes + Hatch Chiles

hatch chile guacamole recipe

Disclosure: A big thank you to the folks a Hatch Green Chile for stocking my freezer! As always, all opinions expressed are entirely my own. I am forever and always committed to sharing quality products and recipes with you.

Lately I’m in a bit of a mood. A mood where I just want to eat appetizers all the time.

Because they are just so gosh darn good.

But like WHY are little appetizers so much better than full sized foods? I need to know the answer to this question. Is it the cuteness factor? Is it because we get to eat them with our hands? Is it because the calories don’t count when you just pop a few in your mouth while standing over the sink?

What? You didn’t know about that last thing. Oh yeah. That’s totally true. I mean, it has to be true. Or else I’ll need to rethink my entire eating strategy. And I’m not really prepared to part with what I got going on now. So humor me.

While you are in the business of humoring me, why don’t you go ahead and make up a batch of these Grilled Smashed Potatoes with Hatch Green Chile Guacamole. Yeah, I’m being bossy today. Sorry. It’s Monday.

So grilled smashed potatoes. These are what you would get if a creamy mashed potato and a crispy grilled potato got married and had a baby. A delicious baby. Grilled smashed potatoes are pretty awesome all on their own, but since I can never leave well enough alone, I decided to top them with some hatch green chile guacamole with the extra bonus of having goat cheese stirred in. Oh yes.

These Grilled Smashed Potatoes with Hatch Green Chile Guacamole are such a great little party appetizer or side dish. You’re definitely going to want to put them on your “to-make” list for all your upcoming summertime events.

Fun fact of the day: did you know that for a chile to be labeled as a “hatch chile” it has to be grown in the Hatch Valley, in and around Hatch, New Mexico? That was news to me! Also, I’ve since learned that there are a lot of imposters in the grocery stores (i.e. chiles being labeled as “hatch”, even though they were not cultivated in Hatch Valley). And that’s not very cool.

One way to KNOW you are getting real, authentic hatch chiles is to order them from dedicated companies, such as the Hatch Chile Store. You can order fresh hatch chiles when they are in season (usually August through September). And for your year round hatch chile desires, the Hatch Chile Store has frozen hatch chiles that are roasted, peeled and ready to go. Convenience + flavor = a total WIN! Definitely make sure to check them out and see for yourself what makes hatch chiles so unique!


Liz from Floating Kitchen

Printable Grilled Smashed Potatoes with Hatch Green Chile Guacamole recipe here

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