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Roasted Hatch Chile Mac n’ Cheese

hatch chile mac and cheese recipe

There’s nothing better than Roasted Hatch Chile Mac n’ Cheese

Roasted Hatch Chile Mac n’ Cheese

So I’m kinda obsessed with hatch chiles. And by kinda I mean I’m totally obsessed with hatch chiles. You may have noticed that when I posted my Hatch Chile Guacamole last week. But now that I have added them to a macaroni and cheese the obsession has reached a whole new level. A “I want to buy all the hatch chiles” level. Just try this Roasted Hatch Chile Mac N’ Cheese. You’ll see.

hatch chile mac and cheese recipe

I’ve wanted to make a roasted hatch chile mac n’ cheese for a while now but it’s always been so hot in during hatch chile season that I’ve never done it. This year I just couldn’t put it off any longer. I just had to make it.

So I did.

On a day when it was sunny and 86.

A day perfect for tummy warming fall like comfort food right?

Well it is mac n’ cheese and frankly, any day is good for mac n’ cheese. Especially one that is this cheesy and this creamy. One that is chock full of spicy roasted hatch chiles and topped with crispy panko bread crumbs.

Yeah any day is perfect for this.

Like today.

So go make it with this recipe

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