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West Virginia

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tell us where to find chiles

17 thoughts on “West Virginia”

  1. I shop at Walmart Bluefield Va or Princeton WV, Food Lion Bluefield Va or Hillsville, Va. Anywhere within 75 miles of 24701. Thank you so much, maybe not a good market for fresh roasted in this area but would love frozen, fresh or any larger cans. thank you so much. I have been traveling to Albuquerque and bring home frozen in dry ice. (visiting family).

      1. Kroger in Tears Valley, WV. I asked if they carried chopped & frozen, they didn’t understand what I was talking about!?! I have had it 2 ways, shipped from my daughter in Colorado, the other on a website, ordered & shipped (expensive). Please, please encourage Kroger to carry it!!! Me, bring a native Coloradoan, I suffer withdrawals, not having it readily available !!!!!!!

      2. Today’s date is 7/19/19. Have you tried contacting Martin’s, Food Lion, Aldi’s, or Walmart in Martinsburg, WV?

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