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2021 Hatch Chile Roasting locations in Virginia

[Updated 8-6-21]

+++ Please call your local store to confirm prior to visiting +++

Harris Teeter
10060 Market Cir
Manassas, VA 20110
(703) 257-4685
August 14th

Harris Teeter
6485 Centerville Road
Williamsburg, VA 23188
(757) 903-4350
August 28th

Wegmans #129 Midlothian
12501 Stone Village Way
Midlothian, VA 23113
August 20,21,22
Roasting Times Vary By Store 804-419-9900

Wegmans #44 Leesburg
101 Crosstrail Blvd. SE
Leesburg, VA 20175
August 27,28,29
Roasting Times Vary By Store 703-669-2044

Wegmans #130 Short Pump
12200 Wegmans Blvd.
Henrico, VA 23233
August 27,28,29
Roasting Times Vary By Store 804-377-4100

Wegmans #127 Charlottesville
100 Wegmans Way
Charlottesville, VA 22902
August 27,28,29
Roasting Times Vary By Store 434-529-3200

Wegmans #7 Dulles
45131 Columbia Place
Sterling, VA 20166
September 3,4,5,6
Roasting Times Vary By Store 703-421-2400

Wegmans #49 Alexandria
7905 Hilltop Village Center Drive
Alexandria, VA 22315
September 3,4,5,6
Roasting Times Vary By Store 571-527-2400

Wegmans #133 Chantilly
14361 Newbrook Drive
Chantilly, VA 20151
September 3,4,5,6
Roasting Times Vary By Store 571-525-5525

Wegmans #41 Fredericksburg
2281 Carl D Silver Parkway
Fredericksburg, VA 22401
September 3,4,5,6
Roasting Times Vary By Store 540-322-4800

Wegmans #42 Manassas
8297 Stonewall Shops Square
Gainesville, VA 20155
September 10,11,12
Roasting Times Vary By Store 571-222-2300

Wegmans #55 Potomac Mills
14801 Dining Way
Woodbridge, VA 22191
August 27,28,29
Roasting Times Vary By Store 703-763-5500

Wegmans #120 Virginia Beach
4721 Virginia Beach Blvd
Virginia Beach, VA 23462
August 20,21,22
Roasting Times Vary By Store 757-271-0500

tell us where to find chiles

128 thoughts on “Virginia”

  1. Hello,

    Use to live in NM and eat about 50lbs of green chilis a year, Extra Hot!. We have got them from Wegmans the last 4 years in Richmond but the last two years they were not hot at all even tough we ordered Extra Hot in advance. They also were not roasted correctly, the peals were stuck and to a lot of work to get them off. I love the convenience of getting them through Wegmans but do not want them if they are not Hot. Anyone else run into this and no why? Any ideas on where to get them and know they will be Extra Hot and roasted correctly?


    1. I bought my own table top green chile roaster, to roast them myself. Last year I was talking to the roaster at Wegmans and she said that she just drew the short straw and really had no idea what she was doing. I don’t trust their roasting at all. I got the medium roaster than can hold 10 pounds at a time. So much better to roast yourself.

    2. I got some from Wegmans in Fredericksburg two years ago, and they were not roasted correctly–they were completely charred. I ordered medium because I wasn’t sure how hot they’d be, but they definitely tasted mild. I’m going to just buy the fresh chiles from Wegmans’ produce section this year and roast them on the grill myself. I’m going to buy hot this year…hopefully, they’ll actually be hot!

  2. We found green chile at the Harris Teeter in Ashburn. They are expecting to have it for at least the next month and the produce manager is not happy about it. If you go into that location you should ask to speak to the produce manager and thank him for carrying it. They have Mild and Hot, and maybe Medium, and very large and thick. Apparently Corporate office is forcing them to carry it, so I expect most of their locations to have some.

  3. I spoke with the produce section at the Charlottesville Wegman’s this week and learned they are planning a three-day roasting event with Hatch chiles Aug. 27-29.

        1. Just left the Wegmans on Virginia Beach Blvd. I had gone in and bought 10 pounds… I hurried outside to the roaster!!
          They would NOT ROAST MY CHILES!
          I would have to buy a case for $60!
          I was very upset with this! I drove 1.5 hours to get there from Kitty Hawk, NC.

        2. I just called the Dulles, VA 20166 location. They ARE having a roasting event, 9/3-9/5. You must pre-order at the service desk. Can start doing so as of now. Can order roasted or not. Mild, medium & extra hot.

              1. The closest roasting I have found so far is Williamsburg. Fresh Marget will have green chile but they won’t be rosting. 🙁

              2. I am now home from my wasted trip to Wegmans on Virginia Beach Blvd
                Just like years past (BUT it was at Krogers or Harris Teeter…)
                I went inside and bought my Hatch chiles , and went outside..
                They would not roast them!
                I had to buy a $60 case of chiles from outside .. I offered him money to roast mine anyway…
                Nope.. “ have a nice day”
                I am so upset over this!!
                Is it Wegmans or this is the new way??

            1. What are the prospects for onsite roasting this year (2021) here in Virginia. I missed out last year and it’s been a painful withdrawal!

                    1. I just spoke to someone in the produce department at the Midlothian, VA Wegman’s and they expect Hatch Chile to be able by the middle of the month, possibly a week or so later.

                    2. Hatch Chiles are arriving at Kroger stores in central and western Virginia. No roasting available. Selling by the pound. Ask produce manager if a case discount is possible.

                      1. Also from the NMSU Alumni Association in DC on 17 Aug 2020 “Yes, good news Aggies, the Fresh Market on King Street in Alexandria has received their shipment of green chile! The store has told us that you will have to place orders directly with the store to get your box, but you may be able to place a mobile order via insta-cart.
                        We are sad to not be able to roast the chile for you all this year, but are grateful to the store for placing the order and to New Mexico’s chile farmers for their product.”

                      2. Wegman’s in Chantilly, VA just had green chile roasting last weekend but didn’t advertise it. A friend of mine saw green chile in the Wegman’s at near Dulles today, but I was told they were doing their roast the weekend of the 28th…

                        1. Went to the Dulles Wegmans yesterday. They are NOT doing the traditional roast—they are pre-roasting and then you can buy them in 1 lb packs. They aren’t doing boxes as they have in previous years.

                      3. I called Wegmans – Short Pump to ask when they were going to have green chile roasting. They said, “This weekend, hopefully.” I’ll know more today.

                        1. Wegmans short pump IS CONFIRMED for roasting on Friday. I ordered a case of hot for pick up. Hot is all that is available FYI.

                        2. I bought a case of roasted at the Losson Rd. Wegmans in Depew N.Y. today. We are very disappointed, they must be water logged from all the rain this year. No flavor and basically no heat for med. peppers.

                        3. Harris Teeter
                          2105 Princess Anne Road
                          Ste 100
                          Virginia Beach
                          Aug 17th & 18th
                          10am – 5 pm
                          Hatch Chile roast
                          I would recommend calling to make sure.

                          1. Greetings Chile Heads, Called HT’S, about 1200 today and no roasting going on at the Princess Ann 10-20.Plenty of raw Chile’s .

                              1. There has not been an official statement from Wegmans regarding the peppers, as of right now it seems like its still going on..

                                1. The Fresh Markets in the area (one in Newport News) sell them preroasted. I was hoping the new Va Beach Wegmans would get the fresh roasting

                                2. I am also in Hampton and I get mine from The Fresh Market in Newport News around mid August. Just keep checking their website. You can place an order in advance and pick up at the store. You will have to roast them yourself though.

                              1. I am close to Blacksburg, VA as well.
                                I would love if we could have some.
                                I grew up in Santa Fe, NM and this was the best time of year!
                                Please come to SWVA.

                              2. Just spoke to produce at Charlottesville Wegmans. They said they are roasting about 8a-5p this weekend, Friday-Sunday. Chilis are $2.99/lb or $39.99 for 25-lb case. Roasting is free, takes about ten minutes. They are offering mild, hot, and extra hot varieties.

                              3. Have you tried Fresh Market? They generally carry them preroasted and generally have mild to hot. I’m from Hampton Roads and miss the fresh roasting locally. Hopefully when Va Beach gets Wegmans next year we’ll get them back?

                              4. Sounds like Wegmans has stopped carrying mild, and the medium was too hot for my family last year. Anyone know of places in VA or Washington, D.C. that will carry mild chile?

                                1. I was just at the Wegmans in Sterling/Dulles. And they did have unroasted and roasted mild. Should have them in stock until Monday or Tuesday.

                                  Hope you see this in time!!

                              5. No Va Beach this year? So sad! Lines typically wrap around Krogers and completely sell out so definitely high demand in Hampton Roads area.

                              6. And this chile is grown I’m hatch, New Mexico, not the same kind of chile grown in Mexico? Looking for true authentic New Mexico grown Hatch green chile. Thanks so much!

                                1. Any word on Blacksburg or Christiansburg? My supplies are running low and this gal needs her green chile. SOS – please come back!

                                2. Has anyone heard if there will be any stores in Hampton Roads selling Hatch? Last year The Fresh Market in Newport News sold it, no word on if they will be doing it again this year.

                                3. Just called Short Pump Va store and picking up 25 lbs of medium an 25 lbs of hot hatch! They will roast them while I wait….produce manager said it would only tak a few minutes! Happy Chilies comen home!

                                      1. The Washington DC UNM Alumni Association has an annual roast for those in the Northern Virginia area. The roast happens in Maryland but you can pick up raw Chiles in Virginia the day before.

                                        Don’t forget Chuy’s Tex-Mex Restaurant does a Hatch Green Chile festival, not so much a roast but several Green Chile items and you can buy diced.

                                        Locations in:

                                      2. Can’t wait! Today get that smell of roasting chile, and the memorys of back home in New Mexico as a child and my mother roasting them.

                                      3. Do thé people in the east know what they are doing when they roast? We bought some roasted Hatch chiles in Charlottesville, VS, last year and they weren’t roasted properly.

                                        1. Typically at Wegman’s a 20lbs box roasted is $40. They also sell smaller packs of fresh chile for around $5 for 6 Chiles. They also do diced chile.

                                                1. I’ve been going to the Kroger in Virginia Beach for the last several years. Why aren’t they particpating this year? I will drove to Richmond if I have to..

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