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2021 Hatch Chile Roasts in Utah

[Updated 8-9-21]

+++ Please call your local store prior to visiting, to confirm +++

Harmon’s Grocery (all stores)
August 20-21
August 27-28
September 3-4, 6th
Roasting starts at 7am

tell us where to find chiles

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  1. Harmon’s in Orem are roasting Hatch green Chile’s. It started on aug 16-17 and continue on only on Friday and Sat til Labor Day weekend or till supply runs out. I’m also from NM and have eaten them every year for the last 35 years. Unfortunately the season is short and I normally buys 3-4 bags to last most of the year.

    1. Hahhh sure LOVES Hatch Green Chile’s and originally born and raised in southern NM I was practically hooked on them! I moved to Utah in 1982 and there was No Where to find any stores to even carry the Chile’s in the produce area. Since my family still lived in NM I would traveled every late summer and bring back 3 sacks of Chile’s normally 2 med and 1 hot. Until about 3 year ago I’ve heard that Harmon was starting to roast!!! Imagined my excitement and not having to worry about borrowing 5 grills from neighbors to roast!! I don’t know about “Utahns” but Hatch green Chile’s are very good. For first timers start off with mild first . After peeling and washing off the skin cut the steam off , lay them flat and cut into small pieces and add chopped onions and diced tomatoes and you should have a delicious salsa that are so good on just about anything but cereal ( pizza is my favorite) I know there are many people that don’t quite understand how or what to do with the Chile but they are an awesome treat! Hope this information will be helpful and good luck! I have also heard Payson Market are roasting this year. The nice thing about this is I no longer have to “ worry” about getting down to NM. Both parents are deceased and I’m grateful someone finally got roasted Chile’s going right here in my backyard!!

    2. Went to various Harmon’s in SLC the past two weekends and they are roasting chilies, but not Hatch. One (Sandy) had no labels on any of the chilies (just mild, medium, and hot) – the others had New Mexico 64, Anaheim, Sandia, and Big Jim labeled. They have nothing in their ads about Hatch, and the unmarked chilies do not smell like Hatch when roasting. Smith’s on Mountain View and 114th South has chilies labeled Hatch (mild, medium, and hot) in the produce section. We roasted some and they do smell right.

    3. I just got off the phone with Harmons at Station Park in Farmington, UT. They start roasting Hatch Chiles every Friday and Saturday starting 18 Aug. Harmons’ website states that all locations are doing the same thing.

      I called Harmons because their website just says anaheim chiles and does not specify that they are Hatch grown chiles. I asked to speak with a manager and she verified that they are being sources from Hatch Valley farms.

    4. I’m so sad! I wish I would have seen this earlier. I’m completely out of chiles and want some also…
      I also live in Tooele. Small world. Thankfully my daughter is bringing me some from Pueblo, Colorado. But I’m sure it won’t be a bushel full! Oh well, Next Year!! Now I know where to look at least.

    5. I to live in tooele utah and alot of us moved here for new Mexico for work. There even a place called tortilla flats here in town. U should consider stopping in tooele utah. I’m sure u will do very well..

      Thank you
      tito cordova

        1. I called Harmon’s in Farmington last year and spoke with the produce manager to see if this is true New Mexico Hatch Chilis. I was told they could not guarantee that they are, and that they also get them from Colorado. Just an fyi if you are looking for the real deal. You may want to call and check for this year.

                1. We live in South Jordan Utah is there some place we can order green chili’s from and roast the ourselves if there are nowhere else to get them here

                  1. Harmons is roasting them at most stores – $33/bushel and they have medium and hot. We were just at the one in Holliday and the roasted ours while we waited. 🙂 Today is the last day they roast, though.

                  2. Smith’s stores roasted chili this year. I got mine at the Smiths in magna. They had mild-hot and extra hot and it’s Hatch chili.

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