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2020 Hatch Chile Roasting locations in Texas

[Updated 8-5-20]

Central Market
AUSTIN, TX 78756
August 5 – 25th

Central Market
AUSTIN, TX 78745
August 5 – 25th

Central Market
DALLAS, TX 75206
August 5 – 25th

Central Market
4349 W. Northwest Highway
Dallas, TX 75220
August 5 – 25th

Central Market
DALLAS, TX 75230
August 5 – 25th

Central Market
August 5 – 25th

Central Market
August 5 – 25th

Central Market
320 COIT RD.
PLANO, TX 75075
August 5 – 25th

Central Market
August 5 – 25th

Central Market
August 5 – 25th

tell us where to find chiles

73 thoughts on “Texas”

  1. Most , if not all, United Supermarkets, Market Streets, And Amigos in Texas should be roasting Hatch Chili’s every weekend thru August. There may be some Albertson’s participating also.

  2. I moved to Laredo Texas acouple years back. Will there be fresh hatch available anywhere here during season?

  3. Will there be any hatch green peppers in the DFW area this year (2019) ? Or will one have to drive to New Mexico ? Someone please keep us informed!!!!

  4. When will Albertson’s or Walmart or Whole Foods Market in the Dallas, TX area have hatch peppers? I buy a case, roast, chop, and freeze for the year until the next season.

  5. Dallas/Fort Worth Chapter
    First Annual Chile Roast University of New Mexico Alumni Association — Dallas/Ft Worth Chapter

    Saturday, August 18, 2018
    Noon to 5 p.m.
    Noble Rey Brewing
    2636 Farrington St.
    Dallas, TX 75207

    It’s officially chile season! Do you miss the aroma and taste of freshly roasted green chile? Join us for our First Annual Green Chile Roast at Noble Rey Brewing near the Design District (owners are UNM alums!). Chile will be roasted and sold in 2.5# and 5# bags. Proceeds will benefit the UNM Alumni Association General Scholarship Fund.

  6. They usually get to HEB stores in Central Texas in late August. Can’t wait!! I buy 10 lbs, roast, chop, and freeze em. Soooooo good mixed into ground brisket burgers and topped with bleu cheese!!

  7. We get ours at Central Market in Plano. They always seem to be the best at not burning the chili when they’re roasting it. The chili is a very meaty and great to freeze and wonderful after thawing out!!

  8. Will they be at Central Market in Houston? I’ve been watching on Facebook and haven’t seen anything of dates there. I’ve bought them there before. I’m out and don’t want to miss getting them. Thank you.

  9. What about Fort Worth does Central Market carry them there that’s what I heard anyway need to get my Hatchet Chili’s

    1. Sprouts carries it fresh in August, you’ll need to buy and toast yourself, I don’t know anyone who actually roasts it in Austin.

  10. Use to buy Green chili enchilada sauce at H.E.B in Laredo,Tx on Saunders St they dont have it in stock anymore, where can i find it here in Laredo, we love your products. Thanks

  11. I live in South Texas Harlingen Brownsville area. Got our Wal Mart to carry the frozen but would love fresh. Do you see any coming this way . born in Albuquerque and raised on Hatch chili.

  12. Can’t wait for HEB in Odessa Tx to do there roast I’m all out of what I bought last year and have been for months the canned stuff just isn’t as good

  13. Santa Fe Flats off 249 in Houston has legitimate green chile year round, including a GCCB. The owner is originally from Albuquerque. I wish I had found this place 6 years ago.

        1. JaNette Hodges Howard

          I live in Burleson, TX was wondering where there will be roasting Chiles this yr. HEB, Kroger or Albertsons? We moved from Albuquerque, NM 20 yrs.ago & am so thankful that we get Hatch Chiles in Burleson, TX now. The best of every thing is with hatch chile’s c ok me on August.

          1. The Farmer’s Market will most likely have them. Saturdays in the morning. It’s located at Warren Street and Tend to in Old Town.

        2. Is HEB going to be roasting this year here in Pasadena, Tx or Deer Park, Tx? I don’t like driving in Houston, creates anxiety.

            1. I live in south of Princeton..which can be close to Greenville, McKinney, Allen, or Plano..just depends on how you go.

                1. I live in Bakersfield, Ca, I also shop at Albertsons Market are they going to carry Hatch green chile there?

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