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2023 Hatch Chile Roasting locations in Tennessee

[Updated 8-3-23]


++ Please call ahead to confirm roasting tines and dates ++

411 Whitman Road
8/19/2023 11am-4pm

507 N. Foothills Plaza
8/26/2023 – 11am-4pm
While supplies last

tell us where to find chiles

50 thoughts on “Tennessee”

      1. Being from Las Cruces living in the Memphis area now how soon and where will I be able to fine this chile. Here in the area we have kroger, of course Walmart, sprouts

        1. Bernadette Ulivarri

          Have u seen Hatch or even Buano out in the stores
          I’m trying to tell my friends to make the stuff with Chile.
          Being from N.M and wanting to move that why I need my CHILE

        2. Veronica Wennekamp

          We have our own roaster, we buy a 20/25 lb box directly from hatch chile and roast it ourselves. We’re over in Lakeland (suburb of Memphis), give us a shout out if you want to buy a box and use our roaster.

      2. If you live near a Chuy’s, they have a green chile week in August I think, and they have fresh roasted before as part of that. And I have seen Hatch brand canned chiles at both Publix and Whole Foods.

      3. There are several restaurants in middle Tennessee that serve hatch green chile but I don’t know if any place that roasts them

          1. looking at growing and roasting green Chile’s in Tennessee. Am familiar of Chile varieties and used right close to Hatch,NM for 52 years.

            1. Hey Bill I would recommend a variety called Joe E. Parker but I am unfamiliar with how Anahiehms will do in TN.

            2. Growing up Back West in eastern New Mexico, I picked a lot of green chile as a kid and teenager. Different rows had different hotness levels. None of the farmers ever shared their secrets for creating various levels of hotness. We always speculated it was varying the amount of watering during the season. Out East, do you think it rains too much to grow hot green chile? Do you think the high rainfall will effect the intensity of the flavor?

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