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2022 Hatch Chile Roasting locations in Pennsylvania

[Updated 8-17-22]


hatch green chiles

++ Please call ahead to confirm roasting dates and times +++

North Huntington Giant Eagle #10
8901 Route 30
North Huntingdon Square
North Huntingdon, PA 15642
(724) 864 – 0100
August 26-28
September 2-4
11a – 5p

McIntyre Square Giant Eagle #67
8080 McIntyre Square Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15237
(412) 366 – 6534
August 26-28
September 2-4
11a – 5p

South hills Market District #14
7000 Oxford Drive
Village Square
Bethel Park, PA 15102
(412) 831 – 1480
August 26-28
September 2-4
11a – 5p

Pine Market District #43
155 Towne Centre Drive
Wexford, PA 15090
(724) 934 – 0155
August 26-28
September 2-4
11a – 5p

Robinson Settler’s Ridge Market District #47
100 Settlers Ridge Center Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15205-1421
(412) 788 – 5392
August 26-28
September 2-4
11a – 5p

ShopRite of Bethlehem
4701 Freemansburg Ave
Bethlehem, PA 18045
(610) 865-2439
September 3rd – 10a-4p

where to find chiles in PA

These bold, spicy peppers are grown only in Hatch, New Mexico for a brief time during the late summer. Fire roasting enhances their addictive flavor. Find fresh-packed Hatch chiles (buy a case and freeze for winter) and roasted pre-packed in your local Pennsylvania grocery store. Learn more about Hatch Green Chiles here

53 thoughts on “Pennsylvania”

  1. I’d love to get some, I live outside of Philly near King of Prussia. Grew up in NM and my Mom used to ship Hatch Chiles to me and I would roast them on my grill. Love that smell and nothing tastes like those Chiles. Can’t find anything like them here.

    1. Updates on roasts in Philly area!
      ShopRite of Whitman Plaza
      330 W. Oregon Ave.
      Philadelphia, PA
      Saturday August 26th – 11am – 4pm

      1. Thank you for the update for the Philly area, unfortunately I am right smack dab in the middle of 2 locations. Oregon Ave is an hour south of me, and Easton is an hour north of me, LOL I’ll probably head north because I’m more comfortable in the suburbs than in the city. Thank you once again for bringing a home favorite this far east. LOVE MY HATCH CHILE!

        1. This Shoprite is not stocking Hatch Chili’s this year. I spoke to the produce mgr. yesterday. He said his management nix’d the idea for this year.

        2. Just called the store. There was a flood in their warehouse in CA so the 26th is cancelled. She said call back to check.

      2. Would love to have chile closer like maybe Chambersburg or Altoona. PA. I lived in AZ and my dad grew up in Las Trampas, NM. We would take a trip to NM just to get sacks full of your chiles. Yum, I miss them♡

          1. I see the the Shoprite of Bethlehem info, but it is conflicting… Not in Easton, Pa but in Bethlehem Pa 18020. Also listed as Shoprite of Greenwich and that is actually in Jersey. I appreciate the info but please clarify. Thanks!

            1. Shoprite of Bethlehem’s actual address is an Easton address.
              You are correct the Shoprite in Greenwich is in NJ.
              Both locations do an awesome job with their Hatch Chile celebrations!
              Come out and enjoy the fun and sample the offerings

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