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2022 Hatch Chile Roasting locations in Pennsylvania

[Updated 8-9-21]

++ Please call ahead to confirm roasting dates and times +++

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where to find chiles in PA

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  1. Just discovered that the Bethlehem roasting event was August 29th not September 5th. I’m so incredibly disappointed that I now have to wait a whole year more.

    1. Same. I got so excited and called to make sure they pull be there before my hour drive there and was so let down. It’s the one thing I REALLY miss from NM.

  2. Hi all! After moving to PA a little over a year ago and a sad year living without fresh Green Chile I was ECSTATIC to find Hatch Green Chile at our local Wegman’s (West of KOP) today after calling them after reading on a Facebook Page that many folks on the East Coast were finding them at their local Wegman’s. I quick ran over at picked up 25 Pounds for almost $50 at $1.99 a Pound. A LOT relatively on what we used to pay in Colorado, but worth it. Someone in MD said they were only $40 at their Wegman’s. The super nice person in the Produce Department told me that Wegman’s is trying to carry it at all their stores and they are hoping it is successful so they do it every year. I did suggest them doing a few weekends of Hatch Green Chile Roasts to pump it up and get some Marketing around it (also, I am dreading a day in the kitchen roasting my own). :). Anyway, just wanted to share what I found out today. One of the happiest moments of the year since we’ve been here.

      1. Any chance of it coming closer to Philly? Easton is doable and i have friends i could visit and make it a trip, but would love something closer to home!

    1. I’ve seen locations where Shop Rite or Wegman’s are used as your roasting areas. There is a large Wegman’s at 1405 N Main St, in Warrington, PA 18976. I know you stopped in South Philly on Oregon Avenue last year, but that is all the way down south closer to Maryland & New Jersey. How do you decide on the locations to sell? If I can do anything to help your venue stop in our area, please let me know. I would love to have a closer location to go to. Thank you.

    2. I drive every year from Ohio to Robinson Market District (one hour). The chili’s are worth it! I lived in Denver and would drive 7 hours to Santa Fe, NM every year for Fiesta De Santa Fe and burning of Zozobra and bring home bushels of Hatch Green Chili’s!!!!

      1. I lived in NM for 14 years and moved to Central PA 4 years ago. Been dying for fresh hatch green chile. My best friend and I were gonna order online but shipping is atrocious and I’m so excited that I found this site!! So I’m curious.

        How much are they? Do they have a lot? Is there a huge crowd clamoring for the last bag or is it pretty laid back?

        1. Stephanie,
          I know what you mean about the shipping charges; that is what holds me back from shopping online too. This is the reason i like to stock up once a year but would love a location closer to where I live. The Shop Rite I have gone to the last few years are set up in the parking lot and there are quite a few people milling about but they’re very organized and have smaller portions of roasted chile all ready for purchase. But I usually buy an entire box & wait for them to roast it on the spot and it only takes a few minutes. They have all kinds of goodies to try, (burgers, dips, etc.) This chile can’t be beat!!

      2. I don’t know what needs to be done in order to get a stop of your wonderful Hatch chile at the
        942 Street Rd
        Warminster, PA 18974
        But I know a lot of people who would love to purchase your product. I’m down to my last few bags from last year and I bought a full case! What time frame should I look for to get an idea when & where your stops will be for the 2018 season? Thank you for bringing our wonderful chile to those of us that had to leave the Southwest.

      3. I’m asking the same thing as Raul, is there an update for a location closer to Philly? My friends have been asking me since I purchased 15 lbs. last year and they all loved it, so they want to purchase some as well.

      4. I miss Colorado! Now we live in PA, near Wilkes-Barre. Grocery store employees just look at me like I’m from another planet when I ask them for chilies to make green chili. Can somebody please tell me if there is a place to buy hatch green chiles near Wilkes-Barre? We actually live in Dallas Pennsylvania but Wilkes-Barre is the nearest major city. We used to just go right down into town in Steamboat Springs Colorado and buy them already roasted. Heavy sigh…

        1. I live in Scranton PA I go to Wegmans in Johnson City NY it’s 60 miles, 1 hour. They have the roaster there this weekend Aug 25 & 26. $39.99 a case that includes roasting. I went last year and the Chile is Hatch Marketing Co is Melissa’s, they are wonderful. It was awesome to smell it roasting, just like home in New Mexico.

        2. Ha! I miss Colorado too. Someone asked me today what I will make out of the Green Chile. I was like “Green Chile…”. LOL.

        1. I lived in Albuquerque NM for over 20 years, and now live in the Lancaster PA area (over 20 years). I used to have my chiles shipped yearly, until last year we drove a little over an hour to get freshly roasted chiles at a Wegmans in Md. I noticed they were not on your list. Will you be adding more locations? And perhaps somewhere closer to the Philly area? Gotta have my chiles!!

        2. Do you have the dates & locations for 2017 Hatch chile roasting in PA yet? The 15 pounds that I purchased last year only lasted me for 6 months so I know that I have to get at least double that amount. Thank you for your help.

        3. I’d love to get some, I live outside of Philly near King of Prussia. Grew up in NM and my Mom used to ship Hatch Chiles to me and I would roast them on my grill. Love that smell and nothing tastes like those Chiles. Can’t find anything like them here.

          1. Updates on roasts in Philly area!
            ShopRite of Whitman Plaza
            330 W. Oregon Ave.
            Philadelphia, PA
            Saturday August 26th – 11am – 4pm

            1. Thank you for the update for the Philly area, unfortunately I am right smack dab in the middle of 2 locations. Oregon Ave is an hour south of me, and Easton is an hour north of me, LOL I’ll probably head north because I’m more comfortable in the suburbs than in the city. Thank you once again for bringing a home favorite this far east. LOVE MY HATCH CHILE!

              1. This Shoprite is not stocking Hatch Chili’s this year. I spoke to the produce mgr. yesterday. He said his management nix’d the idea for this year.

              2. Just called the store. There was a flood in their warehouse in CA so the 26th is cancelled. She said call back to check.

            2. Would love to have chile closer like maybe Chambersburg or Altoona. PA. I lived in AZ and my dad grew up in Las Trampas, NM. We would take a trip to NM just to get sacks full of your chiles. Yum, I miss them♡

                1. I see the the Shoprite of Bethlehem info, but it is conflicting… Not in Easton, Pa but in Bethlehem Pa 18020. Also listed as Shoprite of Greenwich and that is actually in Jersey. I appreciate the info but please clarify. Thanks!

                  1. Shoprite of Bethlehem’s actual address is an Easton address.
                    You are correct the Shoprite in Greenwich is in NJ.
                    Both locations do an awesome job with their Hatch Chile celebrations!
                    Come out and enjoy the fun and sample the offerings

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