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2023 Hatch Roasting Dates and Locations

[Updated 6-16-23]


++ Please call ahead to confirm roasting times and dates ++

Rosauers Supermarkets #16
1867 Twelfth Street
Hood River, OR 97031
(541) 386-1119
August 18TH Friday – 3pm – 7pm
August 19th Saturday 10am – 3pm

tell us where to find chiles

59 thoughts on “Oregon”

  1. Hi Miriam, I live in Salem, Oregon and we can get Hatch Chile at Safeway, Fred Meyer and Roth’s. I use to drive to Tigard and get it at Whole Foods. Have you checked there?

  2. Hello everyone. I’m Jesse from Los Roast green chile company based here in Portland, OR. We bring and roast NM green chile from the hatch valley. All of our chiles our sourced directly from the Hatch Valley and are certified by the New Mexico Dept of Agriculture, New Mexico Chile Association, and the New Mexico Certified Program. Our varieties include AZ-1904 (Medium-Hot),Big Jim (Medium), Sandia (Hot), Lumbre (XX-Hot). We roast by the bushel and half bushel. We also supply chile to Roth’s grocery market. If you have a store or market you would like to see NM green chile, please let me know and I will work with their produce buyer to supply them chile. It’s that time of the year to enjoy the best chile in the world!

    1. Hi Jesse…I bought a bushel last year from the ones you roasted in front of Roths i Silverton, OR. I am trying to find a date for the roasting this year but cant find a date:( I want another bushel or 2 this year. Help! 🙂

      1. Hi Jesse, I’ve been buying from you guys for a few years now. We moved down by Sutherlin (just north of Roseburg). Being able to buy roasted Hatch green chile at The Shop Smart in Sutherlin or, heck, anywhere in Roseburg would be awesome!

      1. You can get it at Safeway in Crescent City. I special ordered 8 boxes Hot. Already roasted and froze. 🙂

  3. I have seen and purchased Hatch Green Chili at Sherms Thunderbird in Roseburg the last 2 years in a row. Will be watching for them again this year.

    1. Hi Miriam. Haven’t hear of any locations near Tigard yet, but here are a list of stores that could carry chiles this year. Are any of them near you? Yokes, Super 1, Rosauers, Trading Company, Harvest
      Foods. If so, try asking the produce manager to bring some in for you. They may not have a roast, but at least you can get authentic, non-canned, chiles this year! =)

      1. Los Roast sells Hatch. They have a mobile roaster. They post their location schedule on their Facebook page

      1. This New Mexican will tell you this is not the same as the chile grown in the ground in NM, even if it was grown with Hatch seed.

        1. Hi Pam. Isn’t sad that people are calling other green chiles, Hatch Chiles?! Make sure to do you due diligence to make sure the chiles you’re buying are certified Hatch NM chiles. There should be a mark/sticker on the case if so

        2. The Chiles roasted by Roth’s in Salem are legit Hatch Chiles. I spent a lot of time in Santa Fe growing up and it’s the real peppers and flavor. The roasters are local, of course, but the peppers are Hatch, NM peppers 🌶

      2. Find Los Roast. They have a mobile roaster that goes around the Portland area. The schedule is posted on their FB page.

        The owner is from Burque and gets his chile from the Hatch Valley. He usually carries medium and hot.

        1. Hi Lisa,

          What’s the name of your farm and Nursery as I’d love to look you folks up on Sunday. Also how much are you selling a bushel for?

          Thanks so much!

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