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2021 Hatch Roasting Dates and Locations

[Updated 8-18-21]

++ Please call ahead to confirm roasting times and dates ++

Hillsboro Oregon
Behind Reedville Cafe.
2945 SE Cornrlius Pass Road
Mon. thru Fri. – 4p to 7 pm
Weekends Sat. & Sun. Noon to 7PM
Call or text Bill @ 971.294.3786

Safeway 1525
13485 NW Cornell Rd
Cedar Mill, OR 97229

Safeway #3557
6055 SW 185th Ave
Beaverton OR 97007

Safeway #382
3527 SE 122nd
Portland, OR 97266

Los Roast added more dates and locations on its website: http://www.losroast.com/2021

August 24 & 31, 5-9PM

Sunday, August 29, 10A-6P

Sunday & Monday, September 4 & 5, 10A-6P

Sunday, August 22 & Thursday, August 26, 10A-2P

Sunday & Monday, September 4 & 5, 10A-6P

tell us where to find chiles

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  • WinCo Foods
    Portland Area locations (others may be avail by spec order and in case quantity only) No Roasting-raw only
    HOT ONLY $1.29 pound in bulk. As of 9/1/21

  • 2021 Hatch Chile Season.
    Hillsboro Oregon.
    Certified Hatch Chile Roasting!
    7 Days a Week
    Weekday Hours Mon. thru Fri.
    4 to 7 pm
    Weekends Sat. & Sun. Noon to 7PM
    Address 2945 SE Cornrlius Pass Road
    Hillsboro Oregon
    Behind Reedville Cafe.
    Only Hatch Chiles
    All Varieties.
    Call ir text Bill @ 971.294.3786

      • Los Roast is inviting customers to pre-order, then sign up to pick up their chile in St. Johns (North Portland).

        We’re planning a few other special events in late August early September, too, which will be walk-up/roast on demand.

        Pick up times are every 15 minutes, 10am-6pm


        Friday, August 20
        Saturday, August 21
        Wednesday, August 25
        Friday, August 27
        Saturday, August 28
        Wednesday, September 1
        Friday, September 3
        Saturday, September 4

      • Los Roast added more dates and locations on its website: http://www.losroast.com/2021

        August 24 & 31, 5-9PM

        Sunday, August 29, 10A-6P

        Sunday & Monday, September 4 & 5, 10A-6P

        Sunday, August 22 & Thursday, August 26, 10A-2P

        Sunday & Monday, September 4 & 5, 10A-6P

    • New business hours: EVERY DAY MONDAY -FRIDAY 4 – 7. (Have a day job) WEEKENDS OPEN AT NOON UNTIL 6 until we run out.

      Address: 2945 SE Cornelius Pass Rd. Hillsboro OR 97123

      TIME IS RUNNING OUT! WE HAVE SOLD 2,400 roastad and put up (Or eaten!) SO FAR! Lots of compliments on roasting and flavor! Hopefully we can keep supply line coming from young guns in Hatch for another couple weeks!
      TEXT BILL @ 971.294.3786

  • Hi there,
    Was wondering if you think the Saturday roast in McMinnville will still be going and will you have hot out there?
    Thank you so much! From Albuquerque and I am so excited I found you!!

  • Los Roast is having a (scaled back) 2020 season, roasting in St. John’s (North Portland) for pick up August 14, 15, 21 and 22. We have arranged a few meet up spots including our own for pre-roasted chile the rest of the month. Check out schedule below!

    Friday, August 14 (fresh roast)
    @ Los Roast, 10a-6p
    — Medium in AM, Hot in PM

    Saturday, August 15 (fresh roast)
    @ Los Roast—Medium in AM, Hot in PM

    Sunday, August 16 (pre-roast)
    @ Pepper Box Cafe, 10a-12p
    @ Ps & Qs Market, 4-6p
    Another meet up site TBD—later this week

    Monday – Thursday, August 17-20
    @ Los Roast, 10a-6p

    Friday, August 21 (pre-roast)
    @ Los Roast—Medium in AM, Hot in PM

    Saturday, August 12 (fresh roast)
    @ Los Roast—Medium in AM, Hot in PM

    Sunday, August 23 (pre-roast)
    @ Barbur World Foods, 10a-12p
    @ New Seasons Market—Orenco Station, 1-3p
    Other meet up sites TBD—later this week

    Monday – Thursday, August 24-27
    @ Los Roast, 10a-6p

    Select warehouse pick-up at checkout. Then sign up on our e-scheduler.

    • Will you have any Medium peppers at the New Seasons location on 8/23? I saw that you are sold out in St Johns. Thanks!

  • Los Roast, if you’re driving them up to Portland from NM, why not stop in Medford? Like Natural Grocers, Trader Joe’s, Food 4 Less… I’m sure all of them would gladly accept a shipment! And you wouldn’t be leaving Southern Oregon out!

  • Hello Chile Lovers! We are Los Roast –

    We are New Mexico Natives, and and bring hatch chile up from NM to Portland (and surrounding areas) throughout the season. This will be our 6th year in operation.

    Our 2018 ROASTING CALENDAR is posted here : http://www.losroast.com/.
    Feel free to contact us through our website or find us on facebook is you have any questions.

  • In Eugene Oregon the Albertsons locations have all temps but you must roast yourself it’s from young guns hatch green chile

  • Anyone know where to get Hatch in Central Oregon? I am from New Mexico and Love Love Love my green chili! I am now in Madras OR, by Bend. I heard Whole Foods in Bend had it in the past.

    • Last year I was able to get them by the box at the Safeway on 27th in Bend but haven’t seen them yet this year. I’m from El Paso and used to go to the Mesilla chile festival every Labor Day and sure miss the smell permeating the region as the chiles roasted.

  • I live in the Lincoln City area. Is there any hatch chili locations in my area. Homesick for NM hatch chili

    • Roth’s McMinnville September 11th
      All Roth’s are participating on different Saturdays throughout September.

  • Hi Miriam, I live in Salem, Oregon and we can get Hatch Chile at Safeway, Fred Meyer and Roth’s. I use to drive to Tigard and get it at Whole Foods. Have you checked there?

  • Hello everyone. I’m Jesse from Los Roast green chile company based here in Portland, OR. We bring and roast NM green chile from the hatch valley. All of our chiles our sourced directly from the Hatch Valley and are certified by the New Mexico Dept of Agriculture, New Mexico Chile Association, and the New Mexico Certified Program. Our varieties include AZ-1904 (Medium-Hot),Big Jim (Medium), Sandia (Hot), Lumbre (XX-Hot). We roast by the bushel and half bushel. We also supply chile to Roth’s grocery market. If you have a store or market you would like to see NM green chile, please let me know and I will work with their produce buyer to supply them chile. It’s that time of the year to enjoy the best chile in the world!

  • I have seen and purchased Hatch Green Chili at Sherms Thunderbird in Roseburg the last 2 years in a row. Will be watching for them again this year.

    • Hi Miriam. Haven’t hear of any locations near Tigard yet, but here are a list of stores that could carry chiles this year. Are any of them near you? Yokes, Super 1, Rosauers, Trading Company, Harvest
      Foods. If so, try asking the produce manager to bring some in for you. They may not have a roast, but at least you can get authentic, non-canned, chiles this year! =)

      • Los Roast sells Hatch. They have a mobile roaster. They post their location schedule on their Facebook page

    • Fred Meyer and Safeway have been carrying Hatch Chile in the fall. You have to roast it yourself

    • You can get really good green chile at the Portland Farmer’s Market. It’s grown in Forest Grove from NM seeds.

      • This New Mexican will tell you this is not the same as the chile grown in the ground in NM, even if it was grown with Hatch seed.

        • Hi Pam. Isn’t sad that people are calling other green chiles, Hatch Chiles?! Make sure to do you due diligence to make sure the chiles you’re buying are certified Hatch NM chiles. There should be a mark/sticker on the case if so

        • The Chiles roasted by Roth’s in Salem are legit Hatch Chiles. I spent a lot of time in Santa Fe growing up and it’s the real peppers and flavor. The roasters are local, of course, but the peppers are Hatch, NM peppers 🌶

    • Find Los Roast. They have a mobile roaster that goes around the Portland area. The schedule is posted on their FB page.

      The owner is from Burque and gets his chile from the Hatch Valley. He usually carries medium and hot.

    • Yes Our Little Farm &Nursery roasts Hatch Chiles at the Sunday Orenco Farmers Market 10 to 2!!August 19th 2018

      • Hi Lisa,

        What’s the name of your farm and Nursery as I’d love to look you folks up on Sunday. Also how much are you selling a bushel for?

        Thanks so much!

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