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2020 Hatch Chile Roasting Locations in Kentucky

[Updated 8-19-20]

++ Please call ahead to confirm times and dates

Kroger #454
9001 U.S. Highway 42
Union, Ky. 41091
Event Date: 8/22, 2020 – 12p – 4p

tell us where to find chiles

29 thoughts on “Kentucky”

  1. I am planning to go to your kroger location this Friday but I was curious if you sell these by the bushel? I am from Colorado and have always bought them in bulk! I am so excited to hear these are making their way to KY!

    1. Went today to the Beaumont Center location in Lexington and purchased some (the last 2 bags). No one knew anything about any roasting going on. Nonetheless was sure happy to get my Hatch Green Chile!

    2. Hello! We are also living in KY and are originally from NM. We have had green chiles sent to us and ordered through various sites, but last year we met up with the truck that brought green chiles and roasted them at the Kroger in Lexington KY. I believe it was Melissa’s Produce. We live about an hour away from Lexington, but it was well worth the drive to have my green gold in my freezer for the year. I’ve been using it sparingly praying that the new schedule will include KY once again. We bought 2 boxes of the hot…might have to do 3 boxes this year. 🙂

      1. The following link was a great source last year; assuming this year’s schedule will be posted when they have finalized event dates?

        I went to the Market District in Carmel, IN last year (was living near there at the time) and the chiles/whole event was delicious. My first Hatch experience and I’m HOOKED???. I remember seeing that the Fresh Market in Louisville had a Hatch event; if they are not on the Melissa’s schedule, I’d check with them.

      2. I know the hatch chili farm (Google) is taking pre orders to ship. I don’t know how much a bushel would be. Just moved here from Colorado and I’m having withdrawal. Did find a few carniceras and think I’ll check them out. Hoping someone has word on a pop up tent somewhere? I’ll have no issues driving for them!

      3. Live in Northern Kentucky…. Mexican eating establishments do not serve the type of food that we had in Pueblo, Colorado. Anyone in Kentucky find a place that has “green chili” —- pork gravy with chili and tomato plus garlic and onion. Anyone have Southwest chilis shipped to Kentucky? Cost. Quality after going through the mail. Roasted or fresh.

        1. Yes, green chili is not a staple, or even known by many, around Northern Kentucky. 🙁
          The closest I can get is to make my own, but that means buying Anaheims from the local grocery and roasting them myself. Which isn’t a bad thing, but they’re just not Hatch!
          All Anaheims are NOT Hatch!

      4. For those of you who were in the Louisville area looking for Hatch Chilies, The Fresh Market stores are going to have their Hatch Chili day on August 27. We were in the one on Shelbyville Road this afternoon and saw a posting about it. They will probably get them in a little before that date and have them through the early part of September.

        1. Lexington ky fresh markets also carry it. I’ve gotten whole boxes 25 lbs several years in row. Chuys restaurant also sells hatch green chile view their website for dates.

      5. Oh no! I’m from Taos, just moved to a tiny town SW of Lexington. I was hoping to go to this site and find my chile source. NOOOOOOO…

      6. I’m from Ruidoso, NM but moved to Kentucky and I’ve not been able to find Hatch green chile ANYWHERE and it’s slowly killing me.

        1. Jessica, I’m from Clovis and I live outside Louisville in Oldham County. It’s killing me too! Our LaGrange Walmart used to have the large cans of whole green chiles, but they no longer carry them. ?

        2. Hey. I’m from Albuquerque and there is a restaurant by Oxmoor mall that have fresh hatch green chiles sent in from Hatch NM. They are already roasted, peeled and bagged. Chuy’s is the place. I get mine from there every chile season. Is NM people cannot
          Live without our green chile!!

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