April 13, 2015


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tell us where to find chiles

7 thoughts on “Hawaii

  • Native New Mexican living in Ewa Beach. My family in Albuquerque send me pods, chili powders and green chili jars. I also miss Bueno but a good alternative I order from as well is Made in New Mexico products. They have hatch chili but be prepared to pay shipping. It’s worth it to me because I get my chili within 3 days of ordering and its authentic.

    I would like to know more about Tio”s, sounds like its authentic. We usually never eat mexican food out side of New Mexico unless I make it.

  • I’m certain Pele needs some Hatch Chile. If you send some to Kona, I will roast it with some lava from the volcano of last year’s huge eruption and send you the photos…..no one in the whole world has done that! I have photos from roasting hatch Chile in Manoa Valley from a few years ago.

  • Safeway has hatch chile on hit and miss basis. Not all stores stock it and if it doesn’t sell fast enough then it they do not restock. If you need a fix, keep looking…

  • I see that you don’t have hatch chile in Hawai’i. When I lived there several years ago there was one place that sold bueno chile from new Mexico. Will you be ever send hatch chile to Hawai’i

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