April 13, 2015


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tell us where to find chiles

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  • I have found jars of Hatch green chile from New Mexico in jars at Whole Foods in Miami, with a brand called Zia. Roasted, chopped, and hot. 👍

  • Lucky’s in Panama City has them just ordered two cases will be here next week and they are roasting for free!

  • Friends, I’ve been told by the folks at Young Guns Chile here in New Mexico
    that they plan to start selling their chopped/frozen Hatch Chile in Walmart stores
    in Florida. So, I guess, keep your eyes open in the frozen veggie aisle.

  • I’m a produce manager at the panama city beach, fl fresh market we are roasting for the next 3 weeks mild and hot .. look us up would be more than happy to fill them orders . Also I’m a fellow new Mexican for burque (505) give us a shout

    • Hey there! We just moved from Las Cruces NM to Tampa. We would love fresh roasted Hatch chili’s what is the market name and location. I would like to order.

  • I live in Panama City, Florida . Im also from Alamogordo, New Mexico. I have been here 40 yrs. I really miss Hatch Chile (hot).. Please tell me where here they have it.. I foynd small cans of Hatch Chile @Winn Dixie. Just a tease. I want a big bag (sack).

  • Chuys in gainesville will be having their green chile fest in a couple weeks and sells roasted chiles. Luckys and fresh market sell roasted green chiles around the same time but it will be mild and noone wants mild chiles laaame.

  • We get ours at Fresh Market here in Fort Myers. We are from Albuquerque and miss the food. Come on August!!!!

    • I’m from Denver as well, and was in Boca last week thinking of the opportunities to bring my Green Chili recipe down and starting a food truck at the beach. I think it would catch on quickly.

      • Can’t blame you for leaving Denver, I left San Diego 20+ ago Welcome to the tropics, it’s hot in the summer, but winter is acceptable, think of an indoor job for summer.

      • Also from Colorado grew up I’m Pueblo.
        Thought about doing the same on the emerald coast. Need a good supplier and have a roaster built.

    • I’ll be moving to Fort Myers Beach in October from Wisconsin but grew up in Rio Rancho. Will be bringing my supplies with me. Hopefully we can meet some day.

  • Last 2 years I found them at Fresh Market in Fort Myers. Hoping to pick some up and roast them again this year! Spent 14 yrs in NM. Gotta have my Hatch green chile!!!

  • A new restaurant has opened up in downtown St Petersburg called NuMex and as you can tell by the name they specialize in New Mexican food based around Hatch Chile.
    Seriously the food is amazing but that is not the best part.
    The owner will also be opening a shop next door selling all kinds of Hatch based and New Mexican cuisine items as well as chiles when in season.

  • I have it all year round, I take my trip every year to get mine for my Food Trailer. Its roasted and bagged in Quart size frozen zip lock baggies. Not peeled. I just relocated back to Fort Walton Beach after moving to Clermont Florida for a year n a half. I will be going live with my Food Trailer within the next 4 to Six months. Frankie J’s “Taste Of New Nexico” Authentic Southwest New Mexico Home Style Cooking.. You can find me on my Face Book page @ Frankie J’s the “505” in the “850”

  • Guys, you can also call Bueno Foods and ask them precisely what stores carry their Hatch Green chile and other NM foods. I have bought frozen green and red chile in the typical Bueno Food containers in South Florida.

  • Just found them at Sprouts in Palm Harbor. Will be in soon to Fresh Market roasted (Clearwater) and have even found them at local Winn Dixie.

  • We are New Mexicans, Rowell. Have lived in Florida for 26 years. Miss our green Chile. We drive to Chuey’s in Kissimmee for our Hatch Chile meal. There is a Chuey’s in Orlando too.

    • Fresh Market on the beach and also in the Grove have them in season. They will also roast them for you. If you want them by the bushel you really have to walk them through it but you can get it done.

    • Omg!! Thank you!! We just moved to Florida from NM back in Jan and I miss the food so much! When will they have it for sale?

        • You can order a 25 lb case from Fresh Market – hot, medium or mild. I think it was $35 last year for the case. If you time it right (order a few days before), they will roast them free when they have their chile roasting event at the store – usually a weekend in late August. Sign up for their emails – they send a notification of when they will have Hatch chiles. Lucky’s Market also had a chile roasting event last year but they wanted you to buy roasted at 3 times the price of fresh.

          • My wife and I purchased 25 lbs of hot Hatch Chiles from Fresh Market today for 39.99 and they roasted them for free. Also put them in plastic containers. This is the Fresh Market in Tampa on N. Dale Mabry. Can’t say enough good about the experience. If you go to the website, you can order for pick up.

        • This is the produce manager from the panama city fresh market we have got and mild roasting all day!!!!!!

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