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tell us where to find chiles

96 thoughts on “Florida”

    1. Omg!! Thank you!! We just moved to Florida from NM back in Jan and I miss the food so much! When will they have it for sale?

        1. I’m a native New Mexican living in Fla and yess we love them! So excited to find them sparingly here but hurry up August!

          1. I live in Haines City Fl.
            Left my heart in Taos New Mexico. And my hatch green chile.
            Anyone know where closest place to buy FRESH .
            I would appreciate any help…thank you

          2. My wife and I just moved to Parrish a year ago and have bee so frustrated not being able to find the best green Chili’s on earth HATCH!!!!!……why?

            1. Heck yes, there are a lot of us here in Florida who love Hatch Chile. I and my husband are from Espanola area. Been here 5 years and I miss my chile the most.! Can you tell me of anywhere here that sells them. I would even like to find the pound containers of frozen chopped green chile in any of our stores.

              1. Check any Fresh Markets in your area, in Panama City Fl Fresh Market is getting them this Thursday and roasting them

              2. If you find some please let me know! Just moved here two months ago from New Mexico in Florida now miss my green chile and red chili

              3. Did you find some Linda? I’m in Lakeland from Santa Fe. Let me know where you are and if you got some. I got some fresh and now frozen of course.

              4. Don’t know where in Florida you live but the Fresh Market stores carry Hatch Green Chile. Call them if you are near one.

              5. I am also from New Mexico living in Florida Central Florida and cannot wait for some green chili. There’s a restaurant in Orlando that’s doing a green chili. A New Mexican restaurant is opening in St. Petersburg. So yes we love chili here in Florida.

                1. My wife and I are from Albuquerque and moved to Orlando 3 years age. We love hatch green chili and we miss it. We order chili (jars) from Sadies in Albq. It good but not like fresh roasted green chili. Any idea where in Orlando they sell sacks of Hatch green chili?

                2. I moved to Florida from Colorado…the one thing I missed from there is Hatch chiles! There is very little good tasting food here using chiles. LOVE them!

                3. MaryAlice Whiteside

                  I was born and raised in NM and Hatch chile! I now live in Miami Beach Florida. Is there any Hatch chile coming this way?

                  1. MaryAlice, did you find any hatch on our coast? I’m in Palm Beach, and looking for my Hatch Fix! #RedorGreen #NewMexico 🙂

                      1. You can order a 25 lb case from Fresh Market – hot, medium or mild. I think it was $35 last year for the case. If you time it right (order a few days before), they will roast them free when they have their chile roasting event at the store – usually a weekend in late August. Sign up for their emails – they send a notification of when they will have Hatch chiles. Lucky’s Market also had a chile roasting event last year but they wanted you to buy roasted at 3 times the price of fresh.

                        1. My wife and I purchased 25 lbs of hot Hatch Chiles from Fresh Market today for 39.99 and they roasted them for free. Also put them in plastic containers. This is the Fresh Market in Tampa on N. Dale Mabry. Can’t say enough good about the experience. If you go to the website, you can order for pick up.

                        2. This is the produce manager from the panama city fresh market we have got and mild roasting all day!!!!!!

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