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tell us where to find chiles

18 thoughts on “Alabama”

  1. Missing Green Chiles

    Fresh Market and Sprouts in Huntsville normally fire roast them, but didn’t due to covid in 2020. In hoping 2021 is different.

  2. Montgomery area folks would scoop these up – they have Hatch chile at Publix but not fresh roasted. We’ll roast at home but it ain’t the same!

  3. There are folks in Southeast Alabama who like Hatch Chile too! I lived in NM for 26 years and I’m craving me some green Chile. Where can I find it here??

  4. In the Birmingram Metro I get my Chile from Fresh Market and Whole Foods. At WF sometimes they don’t put it out but in mid August ask them to go in the back back and get some for you.

  5. The Nuevo Mexicanos in Alabama need green Chile. Farmers market doesn’t know how to roast correctly. Waste of money; heat levels are never accurate.

  6. I so want to grow my own Hatch Chile this year does anyone sell already seeded plants or buying Seeds and planting my only option?

  7. I am an alumna of UNM who lived in New Mexico for 36 years; 10 in Albuquerque and 26 in Las Cruces, just down the road from Hatch. Please find a way to get some chile to northeast Alabama. I live in Talladega and the local “Mexican” restaurant makes their chile rellenos with poblanos! I am dying for some fresh green chile.

    1. lmao i am dying laughing at this. I’m from NM also 47 years there and 3 in Alabama. I almost died when i got a chile rellano made with a pablano pepper it looked like a stuffed bell pepper. If anyone knows of any in the North East of Bama I would be so grateful. I need a chile fix bad.

  8. We lived in Albuquerque 3 yrs and Tularosa 5 yrs. We know the delight of hatch chilies. People in Alabama like chilies. Huntsville has people from all over the country and it would be awesome to be able to get the Hatch magic here too.

  9. Both places listed are over 400 miles away from where I am located. Please, bring hatch to Northern Alabama, in particular Decatur area!

    1. Please please come to Alabama! I live in Selma, AL the local Winn Dixie sells canned Hatch green chilies but I’d love to find a place that does fresh roasted

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